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Currently, I am not taking new counseling clients, but I may still be able to help...

Aside from being a licensed counselor, I am also a life coach for mothers who have sacrificed themselves so much that they feel lost- their relationships are suffering, they forget what they even like to do, and they often daydream about dropping everything and escaping on an extended vacation and telling no one.


Sound familiar? I'd love to chat with you about what's going on for you and share with you how I can best help you get back your power and start creating a life you love. Schedule a call below and if none of the times work for you, simply email me at and we can figure out a time that does! 

If you are certain you meet criteria for a mental health disorder and therapy is all you are looking for, then enter your email address to be placed on my waitlist.

I'll be in touch when I have availability!

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