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Can't find time in your busy life for self-care?

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Lots has been happening behind the scenes here. School started last week. For those of you new to my blog, let me catch you up on my family.

Our oldest is out of the house, second daughter is 16 but completed a program that allowed her to graduate. She’s enrolled in college classes. Twins are 14 (as of this past Friday), our 10 year old, and our youngest, who’s 6.

The youngest four are doing school remotely this year, in a new district since we are in transition of moving to a town 100 miles away.

Anyways, school started this past week. We are one week into it and I haven’t killed anyone yet!

Came close, but I came to my senses before any major damage was done.

Seriously, talk about stress! On top of that, I am helping my father-in-law develop and run an on-line course for his business (the one my husband works in too) and of course I’m continuing to see clients and grow my business.

Cra-cra! But through it all, I am fighting to remain calm, to keep my head above water. How do I do it all, while still maintaining my sanity?


I talked about this last week in my blog, so if you didn’t catch that, you may want to scroll down and see why it’s so important. For me, it really is everything.

It’s about filling my own bucket so much that it overflows, giving me plenty to give to others.

This is key, ladies!

Check out this week's video, where I share with you how you can make time in your busy schedule for the important stuff (aka you!).

You have to have something to give or else you end up depleted, which translates to tired, stressed, and eventually completely burned out!

And who here has been THERE before?

Really…who has felt completely worn out before? Drop your favorite gif in the comments below that depicts what stressed out, worn out, burnt out looks like for you!

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