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Overcome the Excuses to Self-Care

Self-care is something that I know many of us moms struggle with.

It’s hard to hang up our cape and not be the hero that we so want everyone to believe we are.

We’ve even convinced ourselves that the world will fall apart if we aren’t there.

If we don’t have dinner on the table.

If the floor isn’t mopped.

If we don’t get that last load of laundry out of the dryer.

As if all of these things we should be doing won’t continue to be on our to-do list tomorrow!

What would happen if you said, “ya know…I’m going to just head out and go for a walk. These dishes can wait until tomorrow” or

“Kids, mom will be back” (as long as they are legally able to be alone…you may have some cleaning to do upon your return) or

“Hon, I’ll be outside for a few minutes, chatting to an old friend. Hold down the fort, will you?”

As moms, we have accepted our own excuses that we are just way too busy and way too important to make time for ourselves.

That’s all they really are- excuses!

It’s easy to hide behind all of the many tasks we think we should be doing to be a good mom, a good wife, a good woman.

In this video, I share some of the top excuses I've used and I've heard other moms use to keep from hanging up the Super-Mom cape.

It’s time to hang up your cape, if only temporarily, and make time to care for yourself.

What excuses are you telling yourself that are keeping you from showing yourself some love? Share in the comments!

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Unknown member
Sep 09, 2020

I’m 69 years old live alone,I was never fat till the last ten years ,I don’t feel like I over eat , I don’t excersize but I do walk .what s I do to lose wait ? I need to drop at least twenty five lbs thanks

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